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Healthy skin begins with Healthy cells. Our products provide the skin with the essential requirements that it needs to replace lost moisture, repair damage, improve cell renewal and protect from environmental stress. 



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3 Secrets of a Skincare Consultation… what can it tell you that guess work can’t?

The world of skincare is exploding at the seams, with new brands launching in abundance and social media influencers regarded as experts based on their following rather than solid professional experience and qualifications.

Acid concentrations, vitamins, oils, Retinol.. it’s a baffling jargon-filled world to a non-professional and it can be tempting for you to go along with the latest fad of the day/ week/ month because if that’s what everyone is doing then it has to be okay, right??

The Great Skincare Confusion

Be honest, do you ever feel confused about what to choose? How sure are you about which products actually work? Whether spending more cash really gets you a more effective product?

Should you go for Vegan friendly, Organic, Cosmeceutical, Medically Prescribed, Aromatherapy? To what extent are you subconsciously led by advertising, marketing, packaging, colours, shelf position, brand magnetism or what the celebs are using???

Psst… I’ll let you into a secret… There is a lucrative benefit to the beauty industry in keeping you confused.

Biology of the skin

I have been in the skincare industry for over 26 years, I have treated literally hundreds of different skins and spent most of my career studying the biology of the skin and the impact that ingredients and lifestyle have on cellular regeneration & health.

As an international skincare consultant (I’m writing this from a client assignment sunny Spain today!) I can tell you a whole host of things about your skin that you couldn’t figure out with generic advice or guesswork.

1. One Size Does Not Fit All 

Without a doubt there is no one size that fits all. What suits one consumer most definitely won’t suit another. Your skin is as individual as you are. At One Skin we treat by lifestyle not skin type, because I believe that skin type is still too generic (and most of you have no idea what your true skin type is!), and your personal lifestyle – and life stage – is the biggest influence in how your skin should be treated.

2. Is it Safe? 

The subject of contraindications is often being overlooked, these are the health and medical reasons that someone cannot use a product or certain ingredient.

Some of the high concentrations of active ingredients used in readily available brands today causes me concern… Not that I am saying they are bad but they NEED the correct prescription and advice.

I use all specifically tailored levels and combinations of active formulations in my skincare treatment Clinic in Essex and with my online skincare consultation clients.  I prescribe a safe personal programme for home use.

3. How to Get The Best Results

Think you can just buy that cream, slap it on before bed and hope for the best? Here’s another secret – it’s not just the product you are using that gets the best results but it’s HOW you use it and WHAT you use it with.

This isn’t about rushing in. You want to build up the levels of concentration for maximum results over an appropriate duration.  A skincare consultation includes a detailed programme to follow – a foolproof step-by-step guide to which products you need when, how to apply them, in what quantities, for how long and what the next steps will be.

My mission is to share both basic & advanced skincare guidelines, so I can help you get the best results at the most effective rate. Guesswork is spending the money and hoping for the best. A professional skincare consultation is investing wisely on the right (and safe!) things for the BEST results, giving you peace of mind as well, of course, as gorgeous glowing optimised skin.

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Noele x



Noele Hammett is an award-winning skincare expert celebrating 26 years in the beauty industry with her own range of premium-quality clinically-developed skincare products – One Skin. Noele works professionally with One Skin in her Skincare clinic and for skincare clients across the World. 

Noele has previously developed and sold a multi-award-winning spa, and worked with many leading global beauty companies including Dermalogica, eSpa, Aromatherapy Associates, Omorovicza, to name a few. She  has insider knowledge from some of the finest retail establishments in the world from Harrods, Harvey Nichols, Liberty & Selfridges.

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