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Healthy skin begins with Healthy cells. Our products provide the skin with the essential requirements that it needs to replace lost moisture, repair damage, improve cell renewal and protect from environmental stress. 


Protective Shield

Protective Shield


This skin saving occlusive shield containing Ceramide 3  replenishes the skins natural lipid quantity, by restoring the essential lipids which are lost to ageing, washing, stress, environmental exposure, weakness and trauma. Now you can fortify the delicate skin membranes and lock in moisture to regain a youthful and healthy appearance. Take advantage of this protective formula, and the intelligent replenishment of lipids. Provides immediate Epidermal support and relief to compromised and allergy skins.


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Product Highlights

Hydrates and soothes dry, weathered or irritated skin

Restores critical moisture balance

Replenishes the quantity of skin lipids lost to ageing, elements and daily activity

Restructures the outer layer of the skin to retain moisture more efficiently

Safe and suitable for all skin types

Key Ingredients: 

Cyclomethicone: helps leave skin feeling smooth and lubricated, without feeling sticky or oily.

Ethylhexyl Cocoate: an emollient that will soften dry or rough skin and enhance its appearance.

Dimethiconol: acts as a barrier on the skin, preventing the escape of moisture.

Glycolipids: are naturally occurring skin lipids, a layer of natural protective fats that are abundant in a newborn baby’s skin, but are diminished by sun exposure and time, and by extensive exfoliation. Lipids can keep your skin hydrated, and looking younger.

Ceramide 3: Essential to the healthy functioning of the skin’s barrier layer, ceramides play a key role in helping your skin retain moisture.

Cholesterol: assists as a skin conditioner.


Apply 1-2 pumps on clean skin of face and neck.

Use Morning and Night for maximum results.


Cyclomethicone, Ethylhexyl Cocoate, Dimethiconol, Glycolipids, Ceramide 3, Cholesterol.


Discontinue use if redness or irritation occurs. Keep out of eyes: rinse with water to remove. Do not ingest.

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15ml, 30ml

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